Hikvision's HikCentral Solution synergizes products, technologies, and functionalities that make central control of security systems easy, efficient, and unified. Based on a client-server model, it’s a video management solution that helps run your daily business securely.

Efficient and Intelligent

Easy Viewing Experience

• Optimized bandwidth with automatic switching between main
 stream and sub stream 

• View up to 256 cameras in the control client in Live View mode

• Divide and view cameras in multiple auxiliary screens and up to 3
 auxiliary screens for preview

Efficient Alarm Management

• Interactive E-MAP for Quick Alarm Identification

• Intuitive Alarm Center Interface 

Powerful Video Search and Playback

• Use thumbnail to drag timeline and locate event

• Playback footages forward or in reverse in different speed

• Embedded server video content analysis (VCA) provides powerful video
 search, motion analysis and event detection

Footage Protection, Video Tagging, and Exporting

• Lock and protect the video footage from overwrite

• Tag videos for sharing and search

• Encrypt and export video footages for save sharing

User Authorization and Management

• Central user authorization management for all systems

• Seamless integration with Active Directory

System Status Dashboard

• Display and monitor system health data

• Drill down to individual servers and links for problem solving

• Elementary system maintenance and service for large scale projects

Integrated and Open

From front-end video surveillance, to the control center's video and smart functions, the HikCentral Solution ties it all together. Weaving together robust features like POS search and ANPR technology, HikCentral automates key activities for security personnel. Efficiency is the immediate benefit, but when response times decrease and intelligent safety protocols are implemented, your organization really begins to harness the power of HikCentral.

• ONVIF support and OpenSDK platform     • Supports WDF and 3rd-party SDKs

Remote Site Management

With the Remote Site Management module, you can centrally manage all resources, access rights, and alarms. HikCentral is able to manage large scale projects with up to 1,024 servers and 100,000 cameras.

Smart Video Wall

Smart Video Wall is a powerful software client for high-definition video displays and video sharing. It’s designed for efficient central management of video channels along with switching and management of signal windows. It supports multi-user, online operation, and its friendly user-interface facilitates fast and easy operation. The Smart Video Wall is at its best in large monitoring centers. 

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

ANPR Module features automatic number plate recognition, vehicle image capture, vehicle list management, and more. Other functions have also been optimized for applications in parking lots, entrances, and exits to reduce costs and improve the end-customer’s management efficiency.

Efficient Alarm Management

• Interactive E-MAP for Quick Alarm Identification

• Intuitive Alarm Center Interface 

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